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 An image of people riding elephants next to the river

A breath taking elephant sanctuary

What makes Adventures with Elephants an amazingly breath-taking story is that they have saved the elephants from death and without them, many elephants would not be alive today. They are an elephant sanctuary with a purpose, not only to save elephants but to train elephants, to educate people about wildlife in Africa and to also show people what elephants are truly about.

As a top elephant sanctuary, Adventures with Elephants is situated in the beautiful area of Bela Bela and offers an intimate experience with the six elephants that are in the elephant sanctuary. There are various activities that you can do with these magnificent creatures, such as:

  • Elephant safaris: This gives you the chanced to ride on the elephants back and experience the African bushveld and beautiful surroundings
  • Swim on elephants: Who wouldn’t want to do this? Being able to do this will blow your mind and take your breath away
  • For people who are disadvantaged and might never get the chance to do something this spectacular, Adventures with Elephants will help in every way possible to help people from all backgrounds
  • Film and photography: Being able to have a memory like this is unthinkable and to make it even better, photography can be done to ensure your memory will last forever

That is not all that this beautiful elephant sanctuary has to offer, there are many more things to experience, so for a once in a lifetime experience, call or go to Adventures with Elephants today!

Stand in awe as Messina remembers your name and identifies you from the scent of your shoe. Ever wondered how heavy an elephant foot is or how soft the sole is, now is your opportunity as Messina will let you play with her feet and tail. 

About Elephants and elephant rides

Do you want to know more about elephants and how you can experience these amazing creatures? Adventures with Elephants offers unique experiences some of which include elephant rides and safaris, corporate events (including team-building events), weddings and starlight safaris where you can enjoy and evening interaction with the elephants followed by giving them a goodnight snack before bed time.

By spending the day at Adventures with Elephants, you will be guaranteed to learn tons of information about elephants and how they truly live and act. Each one of these African Elephants is unique and has different characters that make them who they are.

So to learn more about elephants and to have an experience you will never forget come to Adventures with Elephants today!

Chishuru is our film star and a great elephant to meet, Chishuru also remembers names and identifies you to your smelly shoes. He allows you down his sides so that you can feel his body vibrate when he rumbles and even to feel how fat he is, but under that fat, a six-pack there is!

From elephant back safaris to riding elephants at Adventures with Elephants

Ride an elephant today or just experience this amazing creature and you will never want to do anything more because you will be utterly satisfied spending the day with these guys!

An image of diffrent elephants in different positions

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